Why 'Unsigned'

Audio Shoot only invites video & film submissions where the music featured is by unsigned artists. This helps to create a level playing field for submitting solo artists, bands and filmmakers, as signed artists will have considerably more funds and supports at their disposal for more elaborate video shoots.

Interestingly, many lower budget productions are far more exciting than their big budget counterparts. There's nothing wrong with a smart slick production, but when either audio or video is over produced, the soul can be sucked out of the final cut.

If you have access to high end gear that's great and we'd never suggest that you don't use it, but very often, if the content is strong, a simple smartphone video can also work wonders. 

Whatever you use, rest assured that the adjudicators at Audio Shoot Unsigned will see the bigger picture and base their considerations on that.

If you've created a video you've good reason to celebrate. Share it with the world and if it's shortlisted that's a bonus. If it wins it's category, pop open the champagne.