Live Acts

★ No live performances in 2020 due to government restrictions in relation to Covid 19.

Live Acts appearing at Audio Shoot November 21st. 2020 will be listed here. Watch this space!

Due to Covid, live performances in 2020 will be kept to a minimum, but as we all know - Less Is More 😂

Once confirmed, performing live artists  will be listed below. Performance date & time for each act to be announced. Below are just some of the acts who performed in 2019.

2019 performers

Frankenstein Bolts

Corrado Maria De Santis

Pine The Pilcrow


Strangers With Guns

India 9 Nine

Cursed Murphy

Brendan Keane

Polyphonic X

Ten Ounce Mouse

Megan-Kate Doolan


Rob Kelly

The Wild Dog of Paradise


Hot Rod Hearse

Cat Black - Performing here with The Folly

Rachel Grace

12 Gauge Outrage

Mandy Sludds - AKA Mandy J

GG Carma & Edgy V

Colleen Coughlan

Jack Keeshan

The Frantics

Michael Murphy

Richard Lee

No Naked Flames

 Performance times for each act will be displayed once all acts are confirmed.