Live Acts

★ Live performances for 2023 to be announced. Watch this space.

2019 performers

Frankenstein Bolts

Corrado Maria De Santis

Pine The Pilcrow


Strangers With Guns

India 9 Nine

Cursed Murphy

Brendan Keane

Polyphonic X

Ten Ounce Mouse

Megan-Kate Doolan


Rob Kelly

The Wild Dog of Paradise


Hot Rod Hearse

Cat Black - Performing here with The Folly

Rachel Grace

12 Gauge Outrage

Mandy Sludds - AKA Mandy J

GG Carma & Edgy V

Colleen Coughlan

Jack Keeshan

The Frantics

Michael Murphy

Richard Lee

No Naked Flames

 Performance times for each act will be displayed once all acts are confirmed.