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The trio behind Audio Shoot Unsigned. Roberto Forte, Philip Cullen & Declan Cody
15. January 2019
The festival itself will feature around 30 live music acts in addition to a series of video-making workshops and screenings of around 200 original music videos. The organisers chose Murphy's Barn as the festival venue because it lends itself to the idea of a boutique styled event. 'We will have international cuisine at it as well and people attending will be able to walk freely around the site and spend time, at their leisure, at each of the different sections,' said Mr Forte. The festival will...

22. November 2018
Yes, believe it or not, we make videos too. A recent short shoot we did was designed to spread the word about the submission process for the festival. The footage is currently being edited, but in the meantime, here's a few pics.